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An arcade online racer with a strategy twist. Instant racing fun in the vein of arcade classics with modernized mechanics and special skills to use intelligently. No random power-ups mess.


There are no random power-ups or any other element which arbitrarily unbalances the game. Wincars Racer introduces 3 special skills which needs time to cool down or collecting nitropower in order to be used, a system inspired by MOBA games that extends strategic options. Learn how to make the best out of each Driver’s unique skill, the Power Special, and counteract your opponents’, use them together with the rest of your skills and find your favourite car-driver combinations for each race!


  • Addictive 8-player online races and single-player time attack mode.
  • 30 unlockable cars with different driving styles and more than 100 alternative skins!
  • 6 drivers with a specific and unique skill
  • 9 circuits with alternative routes to explore
  • Dedicated servers, stat tracking and leaderboards
  • Steam friend system support, chats, custom races, and content updates
  • OST by Javi Diez from rock act Mägo de Oz


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Awards & Recognition

  • " IndieDB's Top 100 Indie Games 2014 " Indie DB, 2014
  • " Madrid Games Week 2015 Best Game Debut Winner 2015 " Madrid Games Week, 2015
  • " Rock Paper Shotgun's PC Games of 2015: Those Wot could Conceivably Be Good " Rock Paper Shotgun, 2015
  • " Interactive RTVE Award to the Most Innovative Videogame 2015 Nominee " 3D Wire, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "I'm down for any fun racer that doesn't involve me getting blue shelled, so I'm in"
    - Wincars Racer is Arcade Racing with a little strategy, Indiegames.com
  • "Arcade Racer with potential...the game is a blast to play!"
    - Wincars Racer First Impressions, Onrpg.com
  • "Classic arcade/kart-style racing with customisable cars, characters and skills. Designed to be played in the online multiplayer, standard races are joined by a variety of challenges"
    - Best PC games of 2015, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "It's great to see Wincars Racer reviving the fantastic fun gameplay from some of the old classic racing games, and it brings a massive smile to our faces to see Street Racer as a source of inspiration for Wincars Racer."
    - Chris West, Street Racer creator

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Formed by a blend of both, experienced professionals and newcomers to the game industry, DragonJam is a studio passionate about game development. Our aim is to create gaming experiences worth playing

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Wincars Racer Credits

Jairo Calleja
Project Lead & Development, DragonJam

Jesus Luengo
Game Designer, DragonJam

Antonio Rodriguez
Game, Backend & Web Programmer

Eduardo Lozano

Dario Muga

Pablo Aguilar

Javier Rojo
UI Programmer

Alejandro Sánchez
Web Programmer

Javier Pajares
Concept Artist

Angel Arenas
3D Environment Artist

Leny Fernandez
3D Environment Artist

Ruben Gonzalez
3D Modeller, Animator

Javier Bargueño
Social Media, Community Manager, QA Testing

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